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An approved application is required for all of the following types of Dog-Partner Training Programs:  Service Dog, Assistance Dog, Therapy Dog, and Emotional Support Dog.


Application content & components may differ for each of these types of Dog-Partner Training Programs.


Contact us to schedule a phone consultation so that we can discuss the appropriate application-type with you!


A non-refundable application fee of $150 USD is required for submitting all applications, no exceptions. Receipt of the application and the non-refundable application fee does NOT constitute and/or guarantee the approval of your submitted application.

We will carefully review your submitted application for content and completeness upon its receipt by us (including the non-refundable, paid application fee), and we will contact you with our final decision on your application within 30 calendar days from its receipt by us. 

Not all applications are approved. Application approvals and denials are decided at the sole option and by the sole discretion of Ambassador Assistance K9s International.

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More About

We at Ambassador Assistance K9s International (AAKI) bring humane & highly effective, force-free, pain-free,  positive reinforcement professional dog-partner training to your home (in-person or via the internet or email) because the home-environment is where relationship-building with your dog begins.

We have trained a variety of Dog-Partnerships for individuals, families, and medical, counseling and therapy professionals for more than 30 years, and in 2015, we decided to form Ambassador Assistance K9s International, LLC (formerly known as Ambassador Assistance Animals International), branding our training programs as "Working dogs changing lives" and "the human-to-animal-bond."

We are NOT non-profit because we believe that your first responsibility is to invest in relationship-building with your dog, and because we believe that non-profit status could potentially significantly limit our ability to choose to assist you in developing civil rights self-advocacy strategies relative to your access rights when accompanied by a Service Dog, Assistance Dog, or an Emotional Support Dog.


ONLY officially accepted AAKI Dog-Partner Training Program clients may be considered by AAKI at AAKI's sole option and sole discretion for assistance in developing civil rights self-advocacy strategies relative to your access rights when accompanied by your Service Dog, Assistance Dog, or Emotional Support Dog.

ONLY Service Dogs & Assistance Dogs (see our "Home Page" usage of these terms) are protected by YOUR civil right (covered by The Americans with Disabilities Act) to access public accommodations & public transportation when accompanied by these specific types of dog-partners.


Public accommodations examples include but are not limited to: hotels & motels, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, libraries. Public transportation examples include but are not limited to: taxis, buses, trains (see airlines below).  Emotional Support Dogs & Therapy Dogs (also Companion-Family Dogs) are NOT Service or Assistance Dogs, and therefore, they are NOT covered under YOUR access rights to public accommodations & public transportation!

The Air Carrier Act (pertaining to airline access rights) is the U.S. Federal Law granting access rights to individuals accompanied by Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, AND Emotional Support Dogs.


U.S. Federal & State-level housing access rights are addressed in the Fair Housing Act and also by each state's specific Fair Housing laws, respectively. Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, AND Emotional Support Dogs are granted access rights subject to Fair Housing laws.

Research the internet for more complete & specific information on access rights relative to Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs. Ambassador Assistance K9s International does not provide legal advice to anyone, and makes no claim to possessing any legal capacities to provide legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice, seek the counsel of a licensed attorney. The information here pertaining to the laws governing access rights to individuals accompanied by Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs is intended only as an educational overview and is not intended as legal advice and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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