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Ambassador Assistance K9s International


Trains YOU the human step-by-step to train your Dog-Partner (Service Dog, Assistance Dog, Therapy Dog, Emotional Support Dog, Companion-Family Dog) by teaching you foundational dog behavior & dog learning theory, thereby allowing you to communicate effectively with your dog for enhanced human-to-dog relationship-building that embodies mutual trust & respect, and leads to the best training outcomes.



  • Disabled Individuals for training Service & Assistance Dog-Partners.

  • *Qualified Individuals for training Emotional Support Dog-Partners *(Applicants must submit to us OUR "Mental Health Provider Certification Statement" document in its original state signed before a notary by your regular & customary licensed mental health practitioner. Submissions are NOT automatically approved. All submissions are subject to approval at the sole option and by the sole discretion of Ambassador Assistance K9s International (AAKI)).

  • Professionals in training effective Dog-Partners for assisting them in therapy, counseling, & medical settings.

  • Individuals & Families for training their Companion-Family Dog-Partners.


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